Meet our Verse Teachers: Maritza Schafer

June 27, 2022

Maritza Schafer Interview - Land of Verse Community Tarot Program

Video Transcript

Speaker: Maritza Schafer

Tell us a little about yourself!

Maritza Schafer: Hello, my name is Maritza Schafer. I'm a proud witch and activist. I was born and raised in Chile and initiated into Bruja by my grandmother. I live in the San Francisco Bay area. I have also lived in New York and in Australia for five years. I have learned about my craft all over the world. My real deep roots are in Chile with a heavy influence from Italian witches because that's a part of my ancestry. I have also worked with the reclaiming collective here in the Bay Area and I am delighted to be part of Verse.

What are you teaching at Verse?

Maritza Schafer: Verse is offering two different Tarot Certification programs. One is a Community Tarot Certification. The other one is an Advanced Tarot Certification. I will be teaching in both. I will be teaching Minor Arcana, community building, um, court cards and also a business practicum. So if you wanna offer tarot readings as part of a business project, you will have some tools to do that as well. Super excited to be doing both.

What excites you about the classes you're teaching?

Maritza Schafer: what I'm really excited about the classes that I'm teaching is that it's not just about learning about the tarot, which in and of itself is such a transformative tool. It's a divination tool. It's a tool to get in touch with the Divine. There's nothing more empowering that I can think we need as a collective right now than be in a better relationship with ourselves and with our understanding of the Divine, whatever that might be. But also the community building aspect, the part about getting to know other people!

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