Meet our Verse Teachers: Drea Moore

June 27, 2022

Drea Moore - Land of Verse Community Herbalist Program

Video Transcript

Speaker: Andrea Moore

Tell us a little about yourself!

Andrea Moore: My name is Drea Moore. I'm a Clinical Herbalist. I'm residing in the state of Washington in the upper left on the Olympic peninsula in Port Angeles, an occupied territory of the coastal Salish and Jamestown S'Klallam tribe. I'm also an Ayurvedic practitioner body worker and I'm licensed and all that. And I also, um, I've been sober 15 years and um, I also teach yoga and my ancestry and background is indigenous Americas and also northern European. I'm actually kind of a little bit all over the world, ancestrally, I really love that about my, my ancestry map. It's just lit up like a big rainbow.

What are you teaching at Verse?

Andrea Moore: I'm so lucky that I get to teach It Verse. Um I get to teach beautiful healing modality of Ayurveda, um which I'm certified in nationally and have been working in for many years. Um I also get to teach the myofascial meridians and musculoskeletal system body system, um which is great because I'm a body worker of many years. I love teaching that system and um the integumentary system, which is the skin, hair, nails and then also the immune system. That one is a real. That was a fun one. I teach that in both the Apprentice and the Clinical programs here at Verse.

What excites you about the classes you're teaching?

Andrea Moore: I'm excited to teach these classes because the healing power of the plants it's pretty vast. It's pretty profound. And um when I teach the body systems, when I teach Ayurveda, I'm just continually, you know, baffled by the sacred and spectacular human body, the dynamics of the human body and the body systems, and also just the power of healing that plants possess and that our ways and connection to the plants can create. It's an amazing, amazing possibility for humanity to have this knowledge feels really amazing to be a part of sharing it.

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