Noah for Laika Video Testimonials

September 20, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: Noah, Sr Product Marketing Manager, Laika

Tell us about your experience with completing your compliance journey with Laika!

Noah: Hi, I'm Noah the senior product marketing manager at like a specializing in positioning, messaging, differentiation and all that jazz like a is a end to end compliance hub that combines essential workflows with built in best practices so you can scale without complaints and without constraints. We ensure that compliance is never a blocker to your innovation by helping you achieve certifications like SOC 2 to G. D. P. R. HIPPA and more to feel confident securing any deal. Um We chose like because they don't push you across the finish line as quickly as possible, make sure they help us enjoy the journey along the way with a customized approach. So our SOC 2 was super easy. While security compliance might not be the most fun part of growing my business, Laika made sure we had the right support both the people and the product to help our entire team across the finish line with a sense of understanding and accomplishment. My favorite part of Laika's platform, probably the clear next steps at every stage whether that's from onboarding to initiate the audit. Me and my team clearly understood what we had to do. We also had an incredible support team behind us behind the curtain to help us the general compliance, education and platform help if we needed Um with our SOC 2 certification, we wanted to get ahead of our competition and earn our SOC 2 so we never have to take place a blocker when it comes to a deal. We know that our product and support model stands out so we didn't want compliance to hold us back. With a platform customers can trust. Because of our security posture, we can now swim upstream in the market. That would have been posed a difficult hill prior. It's very exciting time to be at like with our compliance program now in place.

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