Laika | inerVal - Rebecca Cook, Customer Success

October 20, 2022

Director of Customer Success at interVal describes how a quality compliance program empowers them to do better for their customers.

Video Transcript

Speaker: Rebecca Cook, Director of Customer Success, interVal

Rebecca Cook: Hi I'm Rebecca Cook, I'm the Director of Customer Success at interVal

Rebecca Cook: With help from Laika's resources, we were able to build an understanding of security, privacy, confidentiality and compliance into everything we do in the early stages of our journey. This allows us to develop strong internal processes from the beginning to help support our growth.

Rebecca Cook: interVal is a SaaS platform designed for small businesses and advisers to measure and monitor the value, performance and health of a business. In real time interval connects business owners with their advisors. In an automated and continuous feedback loop, we help companies scale through real time business metrics to make the most informed critical decisions, mitigate risks and to help build a better, stronger and more resilient business.

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