Ruthie Barnett for Client Testimonial Video

September 30, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: Ruthie Barnett, Director of Talent Acquisition, TOPS Software

Please introduce yourself and tell us why you chose LaborIQ.

Ruthie Barnett: My name is Ruthie Barnett. I am talent acquisition director at TOPS Software. I chose LaborIQ because it was in a demo and I was impressed that the salesman seemed genuinely proud of the software and the service he was he was selling. And then as we got into it, I was impressed with the user interface and the process for collecting data.

How has LaborIQ improved your current processes?

Ruthie Barnett: LaborIQ has improved my process by giving me the information that helps me advise my hiring managers on whether or not their salary range is realistic, gives me kind of a little bit of a reality check that I can pass along to my team, um, and it makes them more likely that when I post the job that will actually be in the right range when we're first posting, so I have the best chance of attracting the right people, getting them into interviews and ultimately hiring them.

How is LaborIQ different than what you've used in the past?

Ruthie Barnett: LaborIQ is different than what I've used in the past, in that the user interface is significantly better. I feel like it's fairly intuitive and the download process for a report is beautiful. I am very excited that I don't have to do a lot of manipulation to the information prior to sharing it with my team. That is super helpful.

Describe your experience working with our Client Success Team.

Ruthie Barnett: LaborIQ's client success team is fantastic. Um, I have worked primarily with Amy Perez. I hope I'm allowed to say a specific name because she's amazing. She listens really well. She's able to summarize some of the things I'm finding challenging and she's able to kind of explain things in a way that has made me happier and more confident in the search that labor Um, I also spoke with another team member who was thinking kind of of continued adaptations and ways that they're going to continue to grow to meet the needs of their clients. And that was also a great experience. I feel like LaborIQ really listens to clients and wants to make something that's genuinely a great product even better than it is right now.

Why would you recommend LaborIQ to your peers?

Ruthie Barnett: I recommend LaborIQ to my peers because it's easy to learn easy to use and it helps you feel a lot more confident about recommendations that you're making around salary ranges, which can help you be a better partner to your hiring managers and even to the finance team to make estimations on what headcount budgets should look like.

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