Alex Chausovsky for Client Testimonial Video

August 19, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: Alex Chausovsky, Director of Analytics and Consulting, Miller Resource Group

Please introduce yourself and tell us why you chose LaborIQ.

Alex Chausovsky: Hello. My name is Alex Kosowski and I'm the director of analytics and consulting at Miller Resource Group, a talent search and advisory firm. When I first joined the organization about a year ago I sat in on many phone calls with my recruiter colleagues and I noticed that many of our customers asked the same question which was what is the competitive market rate to be offering for this particular position that we're trying to fill? And the response from my colleagues was well we're not sure exactly but I can tell you what I've filled similar positions for recently and I just didn't feel like that was good enough. So I set out on a mission. I did a bunch of research and I looked at a lot of different um compensation tools including payscale dot com salary dot com and I settled on the labor I. Q. Platform for a couple of reasons. First and foremost I loved the granularity that the platform offered. I love the fact that you can specify not only the position, title and location but also the education level, the years of experience that that particular position required and most importantly the size of the company in terms of revenue and the number of employees and the industry sector that that position was targeting because I find that that level of detail was absent from many of the other platforms. Another reason why I decided to go with labor like you is because of the terrific support that I have been receiving since becoming a customer and I felt that I was going to get that support throughout the sales process when we engaged with labor. Like you originally back in late 2021. So I can tell you that I've provided the solution or the service. Um too many of my consult clients. I always have terrific support from both. My kind of service champion which is Amy Perez but also from Mallory and J who are the senior economist within labor. Like I always feel like I can go to them with questions and they're very prompt in the response and the clarity of the answers that they provide. So I greatly appreciate that as well. I would recommend labor HQ to anyone that's contemplating getting a new compensation solution tool. I've had nothing but very positive experiences with the platform itself. It's easy to use. It's aesthetically pleasing the reports that it generates are very compelling and full of informative practical information. And um I'm certainly a case example of someone that uses it on almost a daily basis and have been happy for the last eight months since we became a customer. So again two thumbs up. The labor I. Q. And a wonderful team that supports the platform and I hope you become a clan soon. Thanks have a great day. Bye bye.

What impact has LaborIQ had on your business?

Alex Chausovsky: since we became clients of labor I. Q. It's really had a tremendous impact on our business. First and foremost I think we're increasingly viewed as talent advisors than rather than just recruiters, we've been able to vertically move up the chain of command at our clients beyond the HR. Department to the C. Suite. And we are really um addressing a great need in the marketplace which is companies don't know what the market rate is that's competitive, that's accurate, that's timely and they're looking for that type of provider and that's what I've been able to do with the Labor I. Q. Platform. So I've been serving multiple clients, both individual companies and associations with this information. And my recruiter colleagues are leveraging the reports to consult with their HR business partners and clients on a daily basis. So it's been a really revolutionary tool for us for lack of a better word.

When working with clients, how do you use LaborIQ?

Alex Chausovsky: I've used the labor platform in a couple of different ways. First and foremost, of course, to help my recruiter colleagues and our clients understand what the competitive rate is for positions that they're currently trying to fill, how that compensation has changed over time and to help them identify differences in terms of what they have to offer to be competitive, both from a multi industry perspective and a multiple locations perspective because they are competing for talent across the nation and with other vertical markets as well. I've also been able to leverage the platform to help companies do an assessment of their current workforce to identify any red flags or potential threats for departure. Really help them understand which of their employees are getting underpaid relative to today's competitive market rates and what they need to be able to do in order to keep those employees. I think both of those approaches has been extremely powerful and our clients really appreciate it.

Why would you recommend LaborIQ to your peers?

Alex Chausovsky: I would and have recommended labor RQ to my recruiter peers simply because it really changes the dynamic of the level of service that you can provide to your customers, the insights that we glean from the labor platform, both in terms of new positions that we're trying to fail and existing compensation levels relative to what the market demands right now has been really eye opening and has allowed us to elevate our game in terms of going for recruiter to true talent adviser. And it's allowed us to also talk to a different level of individual within the companies. We've gone from, you know, typical hiring manager or an HR department head to the CFO the CEO. And we're now getting involved in more robust, higher level searches for the executive team as a result of this um platform. And so I think it's a amazing tool that I would highly recommend to other recruiting organizations to implement in their operation.

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