Client Testimonial Video_Keith Franks

June 20, 2022

Joyce Meyers Ministries

Video Transcript

Speakers: Keith Franks, Executive Director of Human Resources, Joyce Meyers Ministries

Please introduce yourself and tell us why you chose LaborIQ.

Keith Franks, Executive Director of Human Resources: Hi my name is keith and I work for Joyce Meyer ministries as a religious nonprofit that's supported by donations and with a mission to share christ and love people. We feel a great deal of responsibility to use our resources wisely. Um The labor I. Q. Platform has been instrumental in helping us establish the right pay for our rules, easy to use. It's flexible, it provides really great reliable information to pay people fairly and to manage our financial resources prudently and really in today's competitive recruiting market. Having the right information has really become vital and labor I. Q. Um really helps us to see the labor supply for specific roles in in our area. And we use that information to consider whether we need to hire remotely maybe in another state or even if we should consider providing relocation reimbursement to qualified candidates. We found that customer support is really responsive very helpful and we don't feel like we're alone when we have a question which is really important for us and add to that the great tool on the platform like articles, resources that help keep us updated on trends and information in the labor market and it really has been a great tool for us. We've been with labor for about a year. Um We're really grateful for them and the platform and the support that we get. Um and I would highly recommend labor I. Q.

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