Tony F Testimonial

March 23, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Tony

Would you describe why you purchased Koso Med health products?

Tony: I wanted to make a change and start eating all natural organic foods. And I luckily started hearing about Koso Med, and after learning more about what you guys are doing with your fermentation process that allows the nutrients to be quickly absorbed into my body, I had to try it.

Tony: I have Bio Energy, and this is IQ 4+1. This helps me when I'm needing to work and do concentrated focused work. This one helps a lot. So the process that it takes to make these products, it locks in and keeps all of the mega nutrients inside and with the live active enzymes. After watching the company video, learning about enzymes and how they work, I had to try. So that's how I first started.

Tony: I've been on the products for about three months now and I continue to keep taking them. I plan on taking them well into the future.

What health benefits have you felt from using our products?

Tony: So my health experience with the products, well, I'm in my mid 40s and I've been dealing with inflammation over the years. And I take other medications, usually Ibuprofen. And this one here, this is Bio Energy and it has a lot of natural ingredients, but it's really powerful because it has wild age

Tony: turmeric, and it is fermented for one year plus.

Tony: That is one of the main active ingredients in this product and it completely replaces Ibuprofen for me, which is good because these are all natural. Again, these are food products and I love that.

Would you recommend Koso Med products to others?

Tony: I would definitely recommend Koso Med. These products are amazing and I would recommend them to anyone who's ready to take their health serious and cut out all of the things that we do. Start sleeping well, exercise, eat the right foods, take these supplements.

Tony: Let's say you like to eat cheeseburgers or french fries. Well, our bodies are lacking in nutrients. So for me, I love the fact that I can kind of balance it out by taking these products. So I recommend them, they're made in Japan, which is, they don't use the pesticides and these chemicals that processed foods have in them. And so that's all natural, safe. You can't overdose on them because they're food.

Tony: These products are great and I was gonna say hell yeah, but thanks so much Koso Med. I will continue to be one of your loyal users. These are great. Thanks again.

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