Steve Mommaerts Testimonial

March 16, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Steve Mommaerts

Would you describe why you purchased Koso Med Health and Beauty products?

Steve Mommaerts: Hi, my name is Steve. I just want to take a few minutes and tell you about my experience with the Koso Med health and beauty products. I've been using the products for many years now and I'm very, very happy with the results of, you know, the 88 gives me all the additional nutrition. I need. The Tri Power and the Super energy products really affect my performance. I play a lot of sports and so I'm always looking for that little extra edge that I need to give me more energy, more endurance and both the Tri Power and the super energy products do that for me. And the Bio Power 88, with the 88 different fruits and vegetables and minerals in it helps me just stay healthy in general. So I don't get the flu. Very seldom do I ever catch a cold. It really has a positive impact on my life.

Steve Mommaerts: I'd also like to share that my partner, she uses the, the facelift the Maja Lift product and she uses it both naturally, but she also adds it to some of the other products that she uses. She loves it because it gives her skin a very nice, smooth, young looking glow and it makes the other products more effective. So it's one of the key items she uses in her beauty routine each day, as she says, uh recommends it to all of her girlfriends and other friends.

What health benefits have you gotten using our products?

Steve Mommaerts: First of all, uh, general health wise, I feel better. Very seldom do I ever get sick as a common cold. I can't tell you the last time I had the flu. Even if I do happen to catch something, it's over in a matter of a day where some people take 3, 4 or 5 days. On a physical side because I'm a very active person playing contact sports, rugby, also, water skiing, mountain biking, Aussie Rules football. The products have helped tremendously in my recovery after games and training sessions and that, bumps and bruises. I heal up very, very quickly and I'm able to get back on the field in a, in a day or so where some people need two or three days. Within 24 hours I feel I can go back out and play again. So the products, uh, physically just help your body heal quicker, help keep you healthy and just makes your immune system stronger.

Would you recommend Koso Med Products to others?

Steve Mommaerts: Yes, absolutely. It's a great product the company's breeze to work with. But more importantly, the products are very effective. So any person that's concerned about their health and their well being, This is the product for you 100% natural, 100% organic. So, it ticks all the boxes on that side. So there's no artificial sweeteners, chemicals, anything in it. Which is one of the things that I really like about the product in that, I know that what I'm putting my body is 100% natural. It came from nature and I don't have to worry about any chemicals going into my system.

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