Mihaela Hadzhieva Testimonial

April 09, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Mihaela Hadzhieva

Would you describe why you purchased Koso Med Health products?

Mihaela Hadzhieva : I ordered Bio Power 88 and Super Bio Slender because I was impressed with their ability to enrich your gut flora. The products were also made through fermentation method, which I know from before that is very beneficial for your whole body and can help you optimize the function inside and make you feel better for a long period of time.

What health benefits have you gotten from using our products?

Mihaela Hadzhieva : I ordered the products for my mother and after a month of using them, she felt a reduction in bloated stomach and feel much lighter after every meal. And it was great to see the effect that we were trying to resolve for many years. And now with the help of nutrition, she actually managed to cope with this problem.

Would you recommend Koso Med Products to others?

Mihaela Hadzhieva : If you want to optimize your health, your well-being with the help of nutrition, I highly recommend the Koso Med products. They're a great way that you can benefit from the power of food and actually absorb all the essential nutrients that you can get in a very easy to take form.

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