Leigh J. Testimonial

March 23, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Leigh J.

Would you describe why you purchased Koso Med Health and Beauty products?

Leigh J.: Hi, I'm Leigh. So I started taking Koso Med products a few years ago when I experienced health issues like chronic fatigue, indigestion which often lead to stomach aches. I also had hormonal imbalance and some mood swings and just a general low motivation, low productivity days because of tiredness all the time.

What health and beauty benefits have you gotten using our products?

Leigh J.: So for health products, I take these two, Super Bio Slender and Bio Power 88 together in the morning. And then I use Aloe Vera Essence Gel as my beauty product. With these two, definitely the main health benefit for me is that I get little to no and indigestion. I noticed that when I take these, I feel less bloated immediately after meals and I get energized throughout the day, I'm more productive, less brain fog, more focused. And also it helps with regular bowel movements. And so that has really helped me put rhythm into my daily routine. And so while the beauty product I really enjoy this because I take acne medication that's known to be harsh on the skin and you know, the organs. So this helps lessen those effects. I use it to help hydrate my skin before putting on the other acne medications. So it helps with moisturizing and also for wounds, this is really good. I put this on to help speed up recovery.

Would you recommend Koso Med Products to others?

Leigh J.: I would definitely recommend Koso Med products to anyone who's experiencing health issues. Also, friends and family. I just know that the direct exposure to nutrients, vitamins, probiotics and prebiotics from the organic produce used to make these will definitely help health issues one way or another. And yeah, I actually have family who use these two and they are absolutely loving it and they feel the same effects that I feel from taking these. So, yeah, very good. And I highly recommend it to anyone.

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