Jeffrey L. Jordan Testimonial

April 10, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Jeffrey L. Jordan

Would you describe why you purchased Koso Med Health products?

Jeffrey L. Jordan: I started using Koso Med products because I had an opportunity to meet Zachary and he talked about the products and I talked about at my age, I was struggling a little bit with some energy and stamina. And so the first thing that we did was the Bio Power 88. I absolutely love this product, Bio Power 88 literally kinda came in and it seemed like it balanced me. I loved the concept that we were talking about of having these fermented fruits and vegetables and herbs that the body could use and assimilate and use and that seems to have really happened. So I started with the Bio Power 88, took that for a few weeks, noticed a real difference. Then I added to it, the Super Bio Slender and started to, you know, and kind of bumped that up a little. And then the last two things that I've, I've added that I really love and would really say are just awesome, is of course the Bio Energy that's helped with the energy. And then the IQ 4+1, I mean don't we all want to be sharper as we move along? And so I love it.

What health benefits have you felt from using our products?

Jeffrey L. Jordan: Benefits of the product so far for me have been absolutely awesome. I have more energy. Bio Power 88, great product. I have more energy using the product and you know, I use a lot of the products but who wouldn't want to take IQ 4+1 and have more mental clarity? So more mental clarity along with stamina and what I refer to as pep in my step.

Would you recommend Koso Med products to others?

Jeffrey L. Jordan: I love the Koso Med products, especially Bio Power 88, and I absolutely not only would recommend these products to others, I have. I have other friends who are already using these products and and getting the same benefits.

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