Lacey Bernath for Realty Group Video

January 21, 2022

How agents can turn the slow winter months into their busy season using Knock's home loan solutions.

Video Transcript

Speaker: Lacey Bernath , Loan Advisor, Knock

Lacey Bernath : Hi everyone, Lacey Bernath here, Realty Group's dedicated Knock Loan Advisor. Here's how to turn these slow winter months into your new busy season. Start by proactively scheduling those listing appointments with clients who plan to sell in the spring. Those clients using our Knock Home Swap program are fully underwritten upfront, allowing them to submit offers with no sales contingencies. Saying that one more time, just in case you missed me. Using Knock, your clients can now make fully financed non-contingent offers on a new home today. Allowing them to first buy, move in, and then list their current home. This gives the opportunity for your clients to take full advantage of the winter discounts, allowing them to move into their home without the added stressor of a simultaneous closing.

Lacey Bernath Part 2 : Kickstart your business this year with Knock's home loan solutions, and turn your clients into power buyers. To learn more on if your client qualifies, head to rgknock.com or give us a call at 612- 612-351-2500. Thanks and see you soon!

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