Russ Gordon for Knock Video Testimonials

February 04, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: Russ Gordon, Broker Associate, Gordon Properties at eXp Realty

Please introduce yourself and tell us why you decided to work with Knock.

Russ Gordon: Hi, I'm Russ. Gordon. I'm a realtor in Colorado Springs, Colorado, and I started working with Knock Home Swap because I had some clients who didn't have the option of selling their home before purchasing another. Knock seemed to be the perfect opportunity for them to be able to compete with other buyers. And as it turns out, that was the case, worked very well.

How did Knock change the home buying experience for your clients?

Russ Gordon: In our current market, that the typical scenario selling your home or putting it under contract and then going to look for another home wasn't working for my buyers - Knock changed everything for them, enabling them to go out and purchase a home that really met their needs. And then, at their leisure, within the parameters that knocks set, sell their home after the fact it really took the pressure off them, which is a great thing.

Do you think your clients would have been able to get the home they wanted without one of Knock’s mortgage solutions?

Russ Gordon: Without the Knock mortgage solution, there's no way my clients could have gotten the home that they wanted in the current market. It gave them options that they didn't have before, and they are very happy with the process and how things worked out for them.

What was your experience like working with Knock as an agent?

Russ Gordon: As a realtor, working with knock was actually a very pleasant experience. I found the staff to be responsive. They addressed any concerns or needs I had, and they seemed to work very well as a bridge between me and my clients and the mortgage company.

Would you recommend working with Knock to other agents and why?

Russ Gordon: As a realtor and experienced realtor, I've been doing this for 20 years. I found that the Knock program was very effective in accomplishing what we were trying to accomplish, and that is allowing my buyer to purchase another home without having to sell theirs. It took the pressure off them. The Knock team was pleasant to work with. It was, in terms of the fees, I thought that they were very reasonable given what they were offering. And frankly, I'm looking forward to an opportunity to work with them again.

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