Lacey Bernath for Realty Group Video

January 18, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: Lacey Bernath, Loan Advisor, Knock

What are you seeing your agent partners doing successfully in slower markets/colder climates during the winter?

Lacey Bernath: Hi everyone, Lacey Bernath, Loan Advisor here at Knock Lending. Our most successful partners here at Knock are really taking advantage of these slower winter months by proactively going ahead and scheduling those appointments, those listing appointments with their clients whom they plan to list their home in the spring. So they're really leveraging the power of our Home Swap program by going ahead and proactively getting those clients pre-approved and shopping for their new home in the winter market vs. the wait and see approach that we hear too often with these clients that are a couple of months out from listing.

You're referring to working with Knock as a "Power Buyer," right?

Lacey Bernath: Here at Knock, our clients are considered power buyers essentially because Knock offers no home sale contingency when our clients use the Home Swap program. So Knock really, really is offering the convenience and confidence to our clients of being able to find, purchase, move into their dream home without first selling their current home. So essentially we are providing the opportunity to "Hey, buy today at the winter discounts," clients can then move into their home without the stress and the added factors, right, of closing and buying at the same time. And then in turn list their vacant home at spring markups. This is really, really made a huge impact in my agent partners. Just being able to sign more listing agreements and get them more closings in the first half of the year.

Where can agents find out more about this program?

Lacey Bernath: Our Realty Group Partners can head to Knock dot com slash Realty Group to learn more or give us a call at 612-351-2500. Thanks, everyone!

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