Inman New York: Tricia Tumlinson

March 30, 2022

Tricia Tumlinson, an agent at Douglas Elliman, shares her success with Knock GO™ (Guaranteed Offer).

Video Transcript

Speakers: Tricia Tumlinson, Agent, Douglas Elliman

Tricia Tumlinson: My clients chose to use Knock because it gave them a competitive edge.

Tricia Tumlinson: It allowed them to purchase a home that had appraised $12,000 below the sales price. Knock was able to pay that difference for my clients free of charge and kept the deal together, and they are thrilled to be in their new home.

Tricia Tumlinson: Without Knock GO™, my clients may not have been able to move forward with the transaction

Tricia Tumlinson: and they may not be in the house that they now call home.

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