Agent Success Story: Guy Arnold

February 24, 2022

Knock Agent Success Story: Guy Arnold

Video Transcript

Speaker: Guy Arnold, Agent, JPAR Real Estate

Guy Arnold: My name is Guy Arnold and I work in northern Dallas, Texas, especially in the Collin County area. Once I got looking at the Knock program, I realized, "Wow, what a great program for my clients," that in this low inventory market, when sellers are never going to accept a contingent offer, this solves that problem by working with Knock, they can make offers on their next home, non-contingent and have a really good chance of winning our offers.

Guy Arnold: As an agent, I've recommended getting Knock Certified to several other agents in my brokerage and for a couple of reasons. Number one, it's another tool in your tool belt that not every other agent around here is going to have to talk about, and we're all trying to stand out to our clients, and like I said, it's another tool in your tool belt, but more importantly, it's another tool for our clients. You know, it's something else to offer our clients that they are not hearing from every other lender out there. They're not hearing this solution from other people. So, if we can offer it to them, A it helps them and it makes us look like the experts in the area.

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