Knock Agent Success Story: Brian Lipszyc

March 14, 2022

Knock Agent Success Story: Brian Lipszyc

Video Transcript

Speaker: Brian Lipszyc, Agent, Giving Tree Realty

Brian Lipszyc: Hi, my name is Brian Lipszyc and I'm with Giving Tree Realty in Charlotte, North Carolina, and I decided to work with Knock because it sounded like a really great program to be able to get clients past the hump of having a sales contingency.

Brian Lipszyc: Prior to the Knock Home Swap program, I had clients that were not able to qualify with any local lender or even national lender in order to buy a new home.

Brian Lipszyc: My clients would not have been able to get the house they wanted without the Knock Home Swap program, it's the key component that allowed them to qualify for a loan and purchase a new home before selling their old home.

Brian Lipszyc: We have shared our experience with other agents and our firm and on our team and have encouraged them to get Knock Certified so they can use the program as well. It is a great program.

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