Michael Romaine Testimonial

August 25, 2022

Kayana Gaines, REALTOR in Tallahassee, Florida shares testimonial from buyer Michael Romaine.

Video Transcript

Speaker: Michael Romaine

How was your experience working with Kayana Gaines, REALTOR® ?

Michael Romaine: I truly enjoyed the opportunity of working with Kayana Gaines on helping me with the purchase of a condo in Florida. With it being a long distance relationship, she was very hands on, um, and helped me with everything I needed, answered all my questions. She was wonderful. I highly recommend her.

What was the problem you had that you wanted to solve?

Michael Romaine: The biggest problem I had with buying the house was that it needed some work. Not only did Kayana help me and closing on the home, but she also brought 3-5 different people to the table to help me with everything, whether it was the garage, the flooring, the plumbing, everything that was needed to get the house up to speed in a very short period of time. She had someone who could come in and do the work and I was very pleased with that. That was really the the nail in the coffin that got me to do business with her.

Why did you choose Kayana Gaines, REALTOR® to help buy or sell your home?

Michael Romaine: I chose Kayana because of her knowledge of the market, her understanding of the industry and her willingness to hold my hand and help me with me being out of state and trying to assist my son in the purchase of a condo. She was exactly what I needed.

What challenges did you run into that Kayana Gaines, REALTOR® helped you sort out?

Michael Romaine: The biggest challenge that we faced in the closing of our condo was that we had two out of town parties. The buyer and the seller were out of town, and both of us were relying pretty heavily on Kayana. I believe that the the seller did not have a Realtor, so Kayana had to act in good faith to help her in order to help me get the the loan closed. So she, she earned her money. That time, she was very knowledgeable on both sides. So we both appreciated that.

Why would you recommend working with Kayana Gaines, REALTOR® to buy or sell a home?

Michael Romaine: Yeah, I would recommend working with Kayana for multiple reasons. First being her knowledge of the real estate world. Second being her understanding of the city that she's in Tallahassee, Florida and more than anything, her patience with the with the client. She had so much patience still to this day, I closed in July and she still takes my calls and helps me along. So I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to purchase real estate in that area.

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