Client Testimonial-Chris Bratton

June 23, 2021

Video Transcript

Speaker: Chris Bratton

What was the problem you had that you wanted to solve?

Chris Bratton: So I wouldn't necessarily say that this was a problem, but I really wanted a house. So I guess that would be the problem of not having the house and wanting to own a house that I needed solved.

Why did you choose Kayana Gaines, REALTOR® to help buy or sell your home?

Chris Bratton: I chose Kayana to help me buy a house because I was told she was the best in the business and I wanted to work with the best in the business and she definitely showed that she was the best in the business. She made things happen and that's really all there is to it. If you want to work with somebody who knows the ins and outs, the layout of everything then she is your your gal and I definitely appreciate everything that she did for me but you know when when you've got the best you're going to get the best.

How did Kayana solve it for you? (the experience)

Chris Bratton: Um We got we we we we closed on the house I that there's no simpler way of putting how she solved the problem. We we found a house we closed on the house. She made things happen. You know, we got our offer accepted within, I would say 24 hours of listing posted. And we were we were well on the contract, You know, 30 days later, we closed on the house.

What challenges did you run into that Kayana Gaines, REALTOR® helped you sort out?

Chris Bratton: Kayana definitely helped me stay off the ledge or, well I should say help me not fall off the ledge. There were many times where I call her up and either a frantic or just to ask a few questions and she was willing and able to walk me through the process to make sure that the questions that I had were answered and to just make sure and reassured me that everything was gonna be all right to trust the process. That was the first thing that she told me when we started to discuss the home buying process and you know, I had to listen to her. She said trust the process. I trusted the process and everything worked out in in my favor and I appreciate her for sticking, sticking through me being patient, being kind being tenacious. You know, I really I really I really appreciate all her efforts.

Why would you recommend working with Kayana Gaines, REALTOR® to buy or sell a home?

Chris Bratton: I would recommend Kayana. And why would I recommend? is because as I mentioned before, she's the best in the business. She knows her craft. That this is, she does what she loves. And I want someone to share in the joy of someone else buying or selling a house just as much as she enjoys in making sure that dreams come true. She's very knowledgeable of the process. She won't sugarcoat anything. She'll be patient with you. She'll definitely walk you through the process. She won't leave any stone unturned. She won't cut corners. She'll make sure that you have all of the information that you need to be a successful homeowner and to have a successful closing.

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