James K Ewell for Springville/Mapleton Chamber of Commerce sponsored by Kasby Real Estate

August 24, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: James K Ewell, Owner , Valley View Mortgage lending

What do you do?

James K Ewell: good day to you all. I hope you all have a great day. My name is James gill. I'm with Valley View mortgage lending. I've been in the mortgage business since 2003 and I opened up my own broker shop, september 1st 2019. I am a residential mortgage lender. I help people find the money they need to buy their dream home or their first home so they can start on the path to wealth to building wealth here in America. I also on another company here in Springville. It's called rebels. You might see it. J K M. E. Foods. We serve german street food to kebabs and bratwurst. You'll catch us down at the Springville farmers market every other monday night. We love seeing you and loved being in Ark city days this year. Why Springville? Springville is a great city. I don't know if you need to answer that question. All my wife's family is from Springville. Uh, there's still, most of her siblings are still here and lots of nieces and nephews and that's what brought us back to Springville. We've been here for about five years. Why the chamber, I always look for ways to meet new people. And the chamber is a great way to not only meet new people, but also see what the community's needs might be, where we can as a business on our help serve the needs of the community. And that's why that's why the chamber. I always look for ways to serve the community. I volunteer for the Utah County sheriff's and I look for ways in Springville and Mapleton, how I can serve and better help that community. And I think a chamber is a great way to be able to find ways to serve in the places that are needed. I hope you all have a great day. Thank you for the opportunity to do myself to you and we'll see you around.

Why Springville or Mapleton?

James K Ewell: The question is why Springville I'd answer that with a question back, Why not? Springville? Springville has always been a great city, but most importantly, it is where my wife's roots are from. She grew up up here in Springville, her mom and dad still live in Springville. She had five sisters growing up, and three of her five sisters still live here with most of her nieces and nephews. I love Springville and Mapleton, aereo, great people, great cities, great, great city flow. Spring was just a happy place to be.

Why did you join the Chamber and how has it benefitted you?

James K Ewell: Why did I join the chamber? And how has it benefited me? I joined the chamber because I always look for ways in the city that I live and how I can give back to the city and help the citizens of the city. I think the chamber is a great way to do that. I get to rub shoulders levels with other business leaders. I get I get education from people bringing in people, uh individuals and their specialties, but I also get to hear the needs of the city and find ways in which I can serve and help people in the city or the city of itself. How has it benefited me? The most benefits I have got from the chamber is just with the friendships, the relationships and the knowledge that I've gained by being a member of the chamber and attending.

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