Mike Noonan for Agent Testimonials

August 26, 2022

Video Transcript

Speakers: Mike Noonan

Mike Noonan: Hi my name is Mike Noonan and I'm a real estate agent at JPAR Maryland Living. I've been over there for a little over two years. I joined up right after I heard Greg Fisk was opening his own brokerage. I've known Greg for a few years before that um I've had my real estate agent for about eight years and now that I've been at JPAR for uh as long as I have, I couldn't be happier. Um It's a great environment uh for any real estate agent. Uh The way joe Natoli the principal there along with Greg um the the way they work together really is just sort of the best of all worlds um and the the feeling that you belong somewhere and can get help in, you know what other whatever aspect um you're needing help for uh in your real estate career is really what um I like about that place um financially it's worked out for me as well, so if anyone is thinking of joining up at JPAR Maryland Living, I couldn't think of a better place to be a real estate agent.

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