Leana Pretorius, Senior Payroll Partner at FinTech Company Mukuru

February 13, 2023

Managing 800+ employees, Leana Pretorius explains how easy the On-Demand Pay process is for Mukuru with Jem.

Video Transcript

Speaker: Leana Pretorius, Senior Payroll Partner, Mukuru

What were you doing before Jem? Were you processing employee loans?

Leana Pretorius: Yes. Before we joined Jem, we did process staff loans for our employees. I mean, it was an admin nightmare first of all, I had to administer the whole process from the application, arranging the payment through the Treasury team to the staff and then add it to the payroll, make sure it's deducted, there's enough money available to deduct the amount due over the period of the loan repayment. So it was just definitely so much admin. It was actually a nightmare. At one stage, I had 80 loans running and we didn't, we were not even as big as we are now, so I won't imagine how this would be possible to do. So if it wasn't for Jem, we would have completely stopped the loans for our staff. So I think this was really a big opportunity for the staff to get some money readily available. And for us it's a little bit of admin. So thank you so much Jem for for your service and for being available for our staff.

What has your experience with Jem been so far?

Leana Pretorius: Well, just a pleasure. I must say your service desk is very efficient. If we have a termination or suspension or whatever. I just sent the email and within the next half hour or so, I get a response from your team to say the service has been deactivated and if there's outstanding amounts due by the employee then they let me know. So we are always up to date with what the situation is for our staff. And yeah, so as I say, it's less admin for us. It is just once a month we upload the deductions and the lists are always in order and ready. If I requested early in the morning, it comes early.

Why do your employees like Jem?

Leana Pretorius: Well first of all Jem is very efficient. So when the employees are requesting an advance, they get the money like the same day. If they if they are not registered, Jem will send me an email to ask if this person is eligible. I provide the information of the payslips, salary etc, banking details. When someone's banking details has been updated, I also provide the updated details. Yeah, so that is why our staff is very happy with Jem because the the service is excellent. So I can just say that if it wasn't for Jem our staff would be really worse off. So we are very happy for your service and for being there for our staff when they need the financial support and even so quickly. Thank you so much!

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