Glendah Nongethini George, Covision Employee

February 14, 2023

Glendah, employee at Financial Service company, Covision, explains why she likes Jem and how it has helped her.

Video Transcript

Speaker: Glendah Nongethini George, Employee at Covision

Why do you like Jem?

Glendah Nongethini George: I love Jem because Jem is very simple, convenient and it's very very easy to use. It's user friendly. You can WhatsApp Jem and you can get access to your payslip at any given time. So you can also get your leave days. You can know your leave days

Why is it convenient for you as an employee?

Glendah Nongethini George: You can use it on WhatsApp so you don't use airtime. You also don't have to send emails to your bosses or to your HR so that they can send you the payslip

If you didn't have Jem would you be disappointed?

Glendah Nongethini George: If Jem had to be taken away from our company I'd be very disappointed because well um I cannot imagine myself

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