Charlene Adolph, Head of HR at Manufacturing Company, Frankwen Forge

February 13, 2023

Charlene explains how Jem Payslips has drastically improved their HR processes.

Video Transcript

Speaker: Charlene Adolph, Head HR, Frankwen Forge

What were you doing before Jem? Why was this not working?

Charlene Adolph: The majority of our employees are on weekly wages, and we followed the more traditional approach of printing payslips and distributing it. For staff communication, we used notice boards in each department. Why was this not working for us? It was outdated, it was time consuming, and it was very expensive.

How has Jem helped you and your company?

Charlene Adolph: Jem helped us drastically improve our communications and payslips processes within the organisation. Our employees now have access to all this information on their phone via WhatsApp.

Why do your employees like Jem?

Charlene Adolph: So why do our employees love Jem? For the same reasons that we do, it's much easier and quick enough to do queries on payslips. Communication goes directly to our staff. They don't have to go and look for a noticeboard, which is hopefully not outdated. They've also got access to of up to three months payslips and privacy is quite a big thing for the employees. No one else can look at their payslip but them unless they've got their I D ID Number. So for them it's it's quite key. ID Number. So for them it's it's quite key.

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