Beth Gallagher for Video Testimonials

February 12, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: Beth Gallagher, Actor

Beth Gallagher: Hi, I'm Beth Jeffrey is my acting teacher, my audition coach and my friend and I have known him for five years.

Could you describe Jeffrey as a person, teacher, and /or coach (simply) using adjectives only? Jeffrey is...

Beth Gallagher: Jeffrey is intelligent, he is giving Jeffrey is compassionate, passionate, and emotionally available and generous.

Describe your work experience with Jeffrey and why you would recommend him as a coach, teacher, or mentor.

Beth Gallagher: but I really got to know him. When I asked him to coach me for grad school auditions, he I would recommend him because he you can touch every part of the process, from the anxiety that you feel right before you may go into the audition to the personal statement that you're writing to the monologue choices to what to wear to how to be a human being in the room. I think that Jeffrey's insight in experience is invaluable, and I would recommend him to anyone.

Any Take-Aways?

Beth Gallagher: I mean, my main successes that I got into an amazing grad school and I got to go live in Scotland for a year and study at the Royal Conservatory of Scotland, and I got to go to the Globe for a month and work there, and none of that would have been possible without Jeffrey. My takeaways from working with him. There are so many, but just one or two of them is to keep your humanity and to be bold and fearless and to trust yourself.

This will be edited out: Do you gi

Beth Gallagher: I'm just gonna say this, Jeffrey Inman is amazing, and any actor would be lucky to call him their coach and friend.

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