Gunnar Watson for Customer Testimonials

February 14, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Gunnar Watson

What problem were you trying to solve by switching to Java Planet Organic Coffee?

Gunnar Watson: One of the problems I was trying to solve with coffee was trying to find single origin and fresh roasted, um Having Java Planet have the roasting date on the bottom of the bag, seen it arrived within a few days after the roast really made me love. Java Planet also love the fact that a single origin, and it's hard to find single origin fresh roasted coffee, and that's what I love about Java Planet, plus it tastes amazing.

Describe your experience making/drinking a cup of Java Planet Organic Coffee

Gunnar Watson: The way I make my coffee in the morning is usually I do a french press method. I typically boil it. I have a nice hot pot that actually measures out the exact temperature. Uh, so I measure I grind up my coffee myself. I used the hot pot to actually get up to the right temperature, and then I pour it in my french roast coffee and then pour myself a nice warm glass of coffee in the morning to get my day started. Uh I love this method over the drip method, which is usually how you do most coffees, but it tastes the best in my opinion, but doing a fridge breast.

What are three benefits you have experienced with our coffee.

Gunnar Watson: Some of the great things that I've experienced with drinking java planet coffee is that I have have a much more keen focus at work. I've noticed that it's given me renewed energy. Um and one of the major benefits that I love is again, it's freshly roasted and you taste the notes over other types of coffee. It's not, it helps you kind of see that flavor. So and again, freshly roasted is a huge benefit.

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