Chad and Karissa Egelhoff Testimonial

June 02, 2022

Client testimonial video working with Jake Marvin Financial Coaching.

Video Transcript

My wife Karissa and I had really gotten off track with our financial situation. We needed help. Dealing with money issues as a couple can be really emotionally challenging and we needed someone who could help us bring perspective, but also to get us back on a strong foundation to make sure that we were both aligned in our approach. Jake was amazing to work with. He developed a plan that was very unique to exactly our situation, but was guided by sound financial principles. He met with us both individually and as a couple to make sure that both of our perspectives were valued and that we had a go-forward playbook to work off of together. There are plenty of financial advisors out there. I've talked to plenty of them who will take your money and invest it. What we needed was a financial coach who would get in the trenches with us and help us get to a place where we're confidence and excited about our financial future. That's what Jake promised and that's exactly what he delivered. Our investment in our relationship with Jake Marvin was worth every penny!

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