Inside In2Risk 2022: Inclusive Hiring: Creating Opportunity in Your Workplace by Looking Outside the Box

October 24, 2022

Video Transcript

Speakers: Eric Hansen, Manager - Special Investigations, Liberty Mutual Insurance. . Darcy Andrews, Senior Express Underwriter, Commercial Insurance, Liberty Mutual

Eric Hansen: Hi, my name is Eric Hansen. I'm a manager with Liberty Mutual Insurance, based in Portland, Oregon and I'm a member of the Oregon CPCU Society.

Darcy Andrews: Hi! I'm Darcy Andrews and I'm with Liberty Mutual. I'm a Senior Commercial Underwriter in the Express Space. I work out of my home in Portland, Oregon and I'm part of the Pacific Northwest CPCU Chapter.

Hello! My name is Sherry McFadden. I am a member of the Arizona Chapter of the CPCU Society and the Mountain State's Governor. I look forward to attending In2Risk in November. Why? It's a great opportunity to connect with colleagues, to hear about emerging trends in the industry and, most importantly, to continue to develop as a leader. I also have a great opportunity to serve as a panelist in a great session entitled Inclusive Hiring: Creating Opportunity in Your Workplace by Looking Outside the Box.

Eric Hansen: We've all experienced difficulties and challenges with acquiring and retaining top talent. Our world has changed. The individuals who used to, you know, start in one career path and stay in that particular career path has gone. So, what is it that we can do to adjust as an industry and be successful in being able to meet the needs of our customers?

Darcy Andrews: So we are going to be talking about creating opportunity in the workplace by looking outside the box. And we're talking about hiring. And we have four different company managers and leaders represented that are working in DE&I efforts to recruit and retain a more diverse selection of employees. And I'm so excited to offer this topic because I think it's relevant to everyone in the industry and is going to help us all think about the people that we work with, the people that we hire and the people that we want in our organizations.

See you in November!

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