Hear from Tiffany about Homeboard

February 24, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: Imanma Tiffany Egeonu, Subscriber since 2021

Could you describe how Homeboard helped you?

Imanma Tiffany Egeonu: So I was moving to a new province Saskatchewan for one year and I knew that I was going to need furniture when I got there. But I didn't necessarily want to buy new furniture because I didn't want to deal with the hassle of what would happen to the furniture after that one year period. So I didn't want to have to start thinking about how I was going to sell the furniture or potentially take it back with me. And that's Homeboard actually came into play. So they were so helpful in just giving me the option to actually rent furniture for that one year period. So that way I could rent the furniture for one year and then once that year was over, they could just kind of come in and take it off my hands. And I actually don't have to deal with the hassle and stress of like thinking about what will happen to the furniture after. So yeah, that's how home board has helped me. I just gave you the option to rent furniture. So I don't have to deal with what would happen after the year that I'm done here and have to move back

How would you describe Homeboard in three words?

Imanma Tiffany Egeonu: I'd say convenient, affordable and I want to say convenient again, but I'd say innovative, so convenient, affordable and innovative.

What was the best part of the Homeboard experience for you that makes it unique for you?

Imanma Tiffany Egeonu: I'd say um just how quickly the furniture came, and the quality of the furniture as well, and of course, the fact that I get to pay an affordable price for really good and really quality furniture.

How was the quality of the furniture?

Imanma Tiffany Egeonu: So all the furniture pieces I got were really good quality, like I'd say top notch quality and I genuinely enjoy all the furniture pieces I got.

Would you recommend us to a friend? Why?

Imanma Tiffany Egeonu: Yes, I would recommend you guys to a friend because I think that the product and the service that you offer are really amazing and it's just like really convenient and I think it's also really useful for like young adults that are moving a lot. So um yeah, and also the fact that the furniture pieces that you guys send out are also very stylish. I'm also really good quality. So yes, that is why I would recommend you guys as a friend.

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