Amy Wecker MD Hip Hook review 1

May 12, 2021

Amy Wecker MD gives her Hip Hook review. As a doctor and a yogi, she has added it to her daily stretching routine and it's made all the difference in reducing low back pain and increasing mobility.

Video Transcript

Speakers: Amy Wecker, Physician, Medical Health Institute

Amy Wecker: Get the Hip Hook. Those are my words of wisdom. I mean I have a chiropractor and I have a physical therapist, but you know, then I have to go and make an appointment and you know, go see them and it costs money. And I mean, don't get me wrong, I love these guys and I love to see them. But honestly, since I started hanging from the pull up bar all the time and using the Hip Hook all the time, my frequency of my visits has been greatly, greatly, greatly, greatly reduced. So I highly recommend getting your Hip Hook now.

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