Andrea Cottman for Learning Exploration Project

November 21, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Andrea Cottman

Using a scale from 1 to 5, please provide your rating on each of these and explain the reasoning behind your chosen score:

Andrea Cottman: Hi, it's Andrea. I feel motivated in my program right now. I give it a one. My motivation level has gone down a lot. My program is a good fit for me. I give it a four. It's just really hard. Right now. I feel confident I will complete my program. I give it a five but we'll see my course work feels relevant and meaningful to me. Uh, I give it a one because right now my job doesn't really require the, the spreadsheet stuff. It will when I actually am doing an om job or an som job or a, think it's a center director or just the director. I'm not sure, can't remember, but they use a lot of, uh, of the spreadsheet stuff. So that's when I'll be using it right now. It's pointless the class. But I have to take it to be able to graduate and I will need to know the information for when I do get one of those positions.

In general, how are things going this week?

Andrea Cottman: In general. How are things going this week? I still have four foster kittens. I still, I have three dogs. We had to put one of the dogs down because she bit me. Luckily I had a watch on, uh, I was hoping to apply for lead warehouse position, but come to find out it was night shift. So I can't do night shift because of my diabetes. So, yeah, can't apply for those two jobs. I, I'm getting an a in my class right now and we're not on OT yet, but that's on a borderline because we walked in today to 800,000 units to be done and they didn't want us over 300,000. So our backlog has gone up again. So I have a funny phone within the next week or two. We'll go back into ot I am, I'm doing no tea tomorrow because I need the money for last week. I missed a day because they had, they had no work on Thursday and I was talking to my coworker and he said they didn't have work on Wednesday either. They were so dead. It was boring. So, how do we have a backlog and the work is beyond my understanding. I am hoping tomorrow I can go work with fulfillment. I talked to Matt. Matt said their number was 14,000 in prep and 30,000 upstairs and downstairs hit their goal an hour and a half after he got done talking to me. So I was impressed. He said we went way pa surpassed it and I'm like, yay, I'm glad. So.

Have you faced any challenges this week that tested your desire to stay in school?

Andrea Cottman: Have you faced any challenges this week that tested, tested your desire to stay in school? I don't like my job. I really don't like my job. I really need to take a management class versus what I'm doing right now because it's just, wow, one more time. Wow. I still have not gotten an answer for a question that I asked three weeks ago with clothes being in a bag or not in a bag or rubber band or not rubber band or ABC Defg with Hijklop type deal. Nobody is on the same page which drives everybody up the wall and like I told everybody when you don't have a director who is organized, it topples down all the way to us and with it toppling all the way down to us, we are seeing it all. Yes, I wanna get my degree so I can make changes, but I can't make changes within the facility I'm at. And is it worth going to another facility to make changes with them when I will never be able to go back to where I work now?

Has anything happened this week that helped you to stay motivated and focused on your academic goals?

Andrea Cottman: Has anything happened this week that helped you stay motivated and focused on your academics. No, no, no, no, no, I wanna stay a prep. Prep is a whole heck of a lot better than my job itself. Prep. Hm. 18,000. Oh my God. That still floors me. 18,000. We had yesterday 18,000. That's a lot. And Matt said we fell short by a little over 1000. So I think we did really good yesterday as a team. Mm. Sorry. Running on a little sleep and going to bed soon because I gotta get up and go to work tomorrow because I decided to pick a bot day. So we'll see how that goes. I will not know until Wednesday if we're going to win it ot next week. So is what it is and go from there.

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