Andrea Cottman for Learning Exploration Project

October 09, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Andrea Cottman

Using a scale from 1 to 5, please provide your rating on each of these and explain the reasoning behind your chosen score:

Andrea Cottman: Hi, it's Andrea. I feel motivated in my program right now. I give it about a four. My program is a good fit for me. I give it a five because I wanna move up. I feel confident I will complete my program. I give it about a four because there's some days I just, I'm thinking about moving jobs. My course work feels relevant and meaningful to me. I give it a five because I'm in a math class.

In general, how are things going this week?

Andrea Cottman: In general. How are things going this week? Uh, not too good. So, been really sick and stuff going around the house, the kids have at home sick. I've been working on trying to get homework done. I did get it done today, but really suck. Uh, we were foster and two dogs. They went back on Wednesday. Then Saturday we picked up six kittens to foster until they can go back. Yeah. Really haven't been to work because I haven't been feeling that great. Got my leave approved for intermittent leave because of my shares being high every time I get stuck. So they were, my doctor wanted to do more days, but I just left it at eight because normally I'm not out that many days except for this week, which then I really messed up because I really got sick. So I've been out for four days between kids being sick and me being sick. Let's hope next week is better. Well, the rest of this week we just started this week, um, we're down to down to 40 hours work week for about three weeks and then that's gonna change and we're gonna go back up again, I talked to my advisor. She's, she's changed my class that I was gonna do English next term. But I just decided to switch that out since I don't wanna be dealing with a lot of work hours and having to do English because English is a lot on me, especially because the spelling and everything isn't that great in grammar. So she moved that to the next term, but the term after the term in January, so we'll see how that goes.

Have you faced any challenges this week that tested your resolve to stay in school?

Andrea Cottman: Have you faced any challenges this week that tested your resolve to stay in school? Uh, I don't know. I'm at home dealing with a lot of sick kids. I haven't had a whole lot to be able to even really think about just trying to get work done. It's hard. Uh, yeah, the reason it's hard to think about staying in school is because it's just tired of the drive to be able to have them pay for school and you have to be full time to be able to be in school. But I'm not sure how much longer I'm gonna be able to deal with this stuff at my job. Yeah, I should let it go. But at the same time it's just, and, uh, nice terms from what everybody else says. It's a stupid place to work. Need to get rid of higher ups and put new ones in that. I've worked in the, in distribution center in store because a lot of this stuff shouldn't be done that's being done. But I can't make changes there. I can't even, I'm not even allowed to be able to be a director there. So, we'll see

Has anything happened this week that helped you to stay motivated and focused on your academic goals?

Andrea Cottman: Has anything happened this week to help you stay motivated and focused on your academics. Not really, I just wanna go back to bed. And so I been so sick and I went to the doctor and they said that's whatever my kids had, it's, it's a respiratory and it has to run its course. But it's taken more of a toll on me than them because I actually think I spiked a attempt that or my kids didn't, they tested me for flu and stroke but not COVID because everybody else tested negative. We'll see how the rest of this week it was very by.

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