Andrea Cottman for Learning Exploration Project

October 16, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Andrea Cottman

Using a scale from 1 to 5, please provide your rating on each of these and explain the reasoning behind your chosen score:

Andrea Cottman: Hi, it's Andy again. Uh, we're gonna go over the questions. I feel motivated in my program right now. Uh Give it a five because I wanna move up. My program is a good fit for me. They give it a five then again, not too sure about my job because uh today did not go too well. I feel confident I will complete my program. I gave it a five trying to do that but who knows my course at work feels relevant and meaningful to me. Sure, why not? Because you gotta have math skills for being an om or a director found out today that we're out of the negatives as for if it's true. I don't know because I keep hearing from everybody that we're still in the negatives. Who knows? Uh, fully motivated my motivation after dealing with Dimitri today, I don't feel motivated in anything because he tore me a new one and he doesn't get it because he's hasn't been at my level to deal with what we deal with. So that's why I say I, I guess I'll go with a five with, um, I feel motivated in my program right now. People need to be at your level to understand what you're going through. So that's why it would be a good thing for me to be able to move up. But then again, if you, as we say, at my job, if you have common sense, you don't move up. So I've been hearing this quite a bit so I will probably have to go to another facility which I'm not ready to do. It is what it is.

In general, how are things going this week?

Andrea Cottman: In general, how are thing was going this week? I hate rejected, I really hate, rejected, rejected. Um Today I had reject and I got slammed so bad that my boss had to help me. So at least she, she uh supported me when I needed it because it was bad recheck today and I wasn't getting the support I needed at the beginning. But before I went on break as they call her Hurricane Evelyn, which is my om for front half, she came with Cece who's a lead, not an om but a lead warehouse person. And she, between the three of us we had a lot to do and then I found out Cece didn't get to go on break and I went on break 10 minutes late. So, yeah, a lot going on there. And it's because Rom was making us throw stuff. But overall my class, we got the work done and we uh checked and turned it in. I got through my chapter stuff even though I was struggling because I it said that I was done and then that my husband goes to look at it and says, oh, yeah, you're not done. What that, that, what do you mean? He started asking me these questions and I'm like, uh, I didn't see that. I thought it was only one section and come find out. It wasn't, luckily my husband had told me so I could finish it up. So I did get all my work done for this week and that's about it.

Have you faced any challenges this week that tested your desire to stay in school?

Andrea Cottman: Have you faced any challenges this week that test your desire to stay in school? I hate my job. I hate reject. I don't wanna watch one. I hate more. And I have a funny feeling, I'm gonna be written out for wearing the wrong color while I'm at work. I am wearing orange and we're supposed to be wearing yellow and II I just, I haven't deserved the color yellow even though I'm over 90 days and you should still be checking on your people that are over 90 days too. And just because a person that's on there 90 days makes a minor mistake. So do the people that are been over the been there for more than 90 days. Even people that have been there for two years are still making mistakes. So this these comments that Dimitri has said I do not agree with and he's probably gonna write me up for it, but I'm gonna say flat out, don't care, write me out for wearing orange. I don't agree with this at all. And if he says, well, fine, then I will bring Brian into this, which is the CEO and I'll say, yeah, you don't want to do that because uh he ain't gonna like what I have to say so, but I don't care if I have a degree or not. It, you need to be listening to people that are underneath you if it's something stupid. Yeah, I get it. But a lot of this is logic. Why aren't you sending home people that are doing are on ot instead of saying, oh, Vle and you, Vle, the people that aren't on ot you need to be VL getting rid of the people that are on ot just logic. And the thing is, is I got too much logic which does, doesn't help with, yeah, I get a degree what they do but that doesn't help when they need more logic and smart thinking versus this dumbness of not using their team. Like they should just my train of thought.

Has anything happened this week that helped you to stay motivated and focused on your academic goals?

Andrea Cottman: Has anything happened this week to help you stay motivated and focus on your academic goals. No, sorry. No, not at all. No, just, just what's the point of having to agree when you need all the, uh, you need more of the stuff of knowing knowledge of store and what you've seen and also what you've seen at a DC, even though we're a DC fulfillment center, I honestly like the hugest thing. They need to high priced items need to be in a caged in area and the Manhattan, which is fulfillment side and our side, which is, I guess warehouse side is Apollo. They need to have one thing, not the stuff of our, our scan things for our Toots saying, oh, there's no task and it's because it won't switch over to Manhattan because we're Apollo. You should make life easy and be on like one, one thing and not two different things or three different things or four different things. Yes, we run on four different things and two are, the two priorities are Manhattan and Apollo. So that's my train of thought. Can't really stay focused when on academics if you know what's more important is not the academic side. Say here's your degree. Now go jump on them because my degree is not really gonna help me any. The only thing it's gonna do is say she has a degree, she can do the job, she can move out. That's about it doesn't mean anything. The degree is pointless.

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