Andrea Cottman for Learning Exploration Project

November 13, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Andrea Cottman

Using a scale from 1 to 5, please provide your rating on each of these and explain the reasoning behind your chosen score:

Andrea Cottman: Hi, it's Andrea again. Um, last week was interesting. All right, let's start off with the questions and then we'll go from there. I feel motivated in my program right now. I give it a five cause I need to have it to move up. My program is a good fit for me. I give it a five because I wanna move up. I feel confident. I will complete my program. I give it a five as of right now. My coursework feels relative and meaningful to me. God help me know that. That's it. It, it, yeah, I'm gonna give that one a one because my instructor is being really mean, maybe expects so most of our classes, the, the discussion is you push your discussion and then you respond to two of your classmates. It has to be a paragraph is he wants more, more, more, more, more, more and he expects us to have 100 and 90 posts as a class. I don't have time for that when I work a full time job and about ready to start my, uh, my ot again. We haven't started this week, but who knows when we're going to start because they said by the end of the month that it's the end of the month we haven't started so it could be within the next week or two. So I am seriously giving my class one because of my instructor. He feels that the discussions are more important then actually learning something. He thinks we're gonna learn more from the discussion than the actual work itself. So I am taking a spreadsheet class. I think it is. I don't know. I'd have to look it up and let you know next time. So that's my feelings on it.

In general, how are things going this week?

Andrea Cottman: In general. How are things going? This week? I had to take a week off to the fact of the matter, my son killed, not literally killed but used all the life up on my computer. So I had no battery life and the other two computers I have, they, we have them locked out from the kids and they cannot have internet. My computers can't have internet after seven because my kids take the computer. So, yeah. So, update on what's going on. I ma ot for another week, I took the six kittens back. I got four more kittens and they are tiny when, I mean, tiny, they're about to speak and we about £14 well, or 14 ounces, 14.8 ounces. So they're really tiny. They're about, they're estimating about four weeks old when we received them. So they're probably about five weeks old now. They, they're really small. Uh, at work, we have lost our search engine for our website. Our search engine is everything for our job because if you don't have the search engine, you don't know if the tote has a task. If the IVC has a task. If the cage car has a task. You don't know what's in it unless you go through 100 different steps to get the answer. Yes. A lot more steps than one. You don't know if the, uh, PKVS, if they're part of CQ A, so ICQ A has to do their job and then we do ours, which makes life a lot harder. Not only that you have manual coming down to reject. Do you have any reject for manual? I don't know. I don't know if this is the stuff that doesn't have a task or if it's manual stuff. So enjoy. Oh, we are looking for these toads. Yeah. Here, there's the totes that I have. You figure it out. The ones that are over here are empty. So, yeah, they took my search engine. I am not happy about this. Yeah. And today gotta love not having a search engine because I need an answer for an IVC. IVC had five items on it. Five toys to be exact is what was in the IVC I go to and it's telling me there's no task, there's nothing when I used my zebra and then I went to use my Coworkers laptop and it said, oh, you have 29 items in it. 29 items. What do you mean? 29? I only have five and all of its clothing. I have toys. The number, the IVC number we think there's 21 is in a drop zone. The other one we have. I told my coworker. I said, congratulations. You're a problem solver. Figure it out, which I knew what we were gonna, he was gonna do. He took an idol, he scanned it. He said, here's your IVC. Scan it. Me not having my equipment. I couldn't scan it because I only had the IVC. So he had to do the job. Just one of those weeks. We don't have everything we need at work, which made it a lot harder. So, yeah, that was pretty much how my last few days went besides getting in trouble on top of everything.

Have you faced any challenges this week that tested your desire to stay in school?

Andrea Cottman: Have you faced any challenges this week that tested your desire to stay in school? Yes, I got in trouble. We got in a lot of trouble. So, org and my instructor, I don't care for it too much because he expects a lot more from us. I get, we're in college, but he also needs to take into consideration out of 29 students. He has probably 75 plus I'm going off. 75% of us have full time jobs. And another guy literally says you want us to do more than two responses. When am I going to have time? So, yeah, it's testing us all this class and the problems I'm having at work, especially getting in trouble with my bust. Hm. So we'll see how things go.

Has anything happened this week that helped you to stay motivated and focused on your academic goals?

Andrea Cottman: Has anything happened this week that helped you stay motivated and focused on your academic, academic goals. I, when I was having problems with my om on a situation that happened on Friday, I went and talked to hr I literally was so mad to the point, I was about ready to leave work. I went to talk to hr the hr guy I was talking to actually helped me out a lot. And without him having a discussion with me and calming me down, I probably would have just walked out because he even my boss is out of control and he needs to be booted. But I wanna make sure that my team does not suffer what I suffered through with my boss and with schooling. I want to make sure they have what they need and not struggling also have a team that's going to support each other and not let them suffer. So yeah, I've have to say sure, helped me a lot.

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