Susan Shaulis - We Want to Know You

March 10, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: Susan Shaulis

Briefly Describe What God is Leading You To Do In Relation to Harvest?

Susan Shaulis: I am taking opportunities as much as I possibly can to keep my eyes open when my husband and I go to a restaurant or if I am at the grocery store or even if the Holy Spirit uh nudges me to go and knock on my neighbor's door because I have always felt that this harvest would be fueled by healing. I have read the gospels and one of the things that Jesus did come to do was to heal. And so that is a big thrust for me. I know how much he's healed me and I desire to see others healed. I believe that's the heart of the father. And so I take opportunity. I have a field right here in Corinth in Hickory Creek and it just takes a moment to speak to somebody. It's not some big uh picture that I have to look at. I just have to see those who are walking past me. So that's what I do to make myself aware of my harvest field in the sphere that I'm in.

Why Did You Decide to Align With Kingdom Harvest Alliance?

Susan Shaulis: I decided to align with Kingdom Harvest because what I saw was it was creating an epicenter and an epicenter is something that changes the surface of the earth. And that's I knew what they did in the Book of Acts as they were changing the surface of the earth and through KHA I see what is because what it is becoming is a unified body of faith of believers who um are fueling the epicenter to spread out into uh the earth realm and to begin to uh call in and help those who are lost. Those who are dispossessed the prodigals to know that there is a place where they are loved where God's mercy is and where they can find stability. So for me, KHA has created a place, an epicenter for the expanding and the reaching out of the gospel and uh taking lives that would not normally be touched and touching them with the reality of who Jesus is.

What Excites You About The Future?

Susan Shaulis: What I'm most excited about is I've read the word, but I've always wanted to see the demonstration of the word and I believe in the tri generations and I also believe the Book of Acts and the and the gospels and what we see in um, the, the Church of Acts and how the spreading of the kingdom took place. I am excited because we are becoming the kingdom and his will here in this earth realm. That's what I'm excited about. I am excited to see a massive, massive um uh display of salvation and healing and deliverance. Uh, my faith is way beyond my faith is to see um uh, such a demonstration that never has been seen in the earth realm yet. And it is all uh for the latter times and for the glory, the, the recognition of who our God is. So yes, I am totally excited and I'm excited that it's just not me alone doing it. But there is a whole company. We didn't know how the company would arise, but look how fascinating it is, especially as KHA arises. Um, and people are joining and being a part of it. We are spreading. We are spreading out and I just believe much fruit is going to come forth and be offered to those who are hungry and thirsty

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