Sandy Brocious for We Want to Know You

July 20, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: Sandy Brocious

Briefly Describe What God is Leading You To Do In Relation to Harvest?

Sandy Brocious : Hi, my name is Sandy Brocious. I live in Western Pennsylvania part way between Pittsburgh and Erie. And I want to align with Kingdom Harvest Alliance because I recognize the glory movement when I see it and this one's going to usher in that end time harvest, I want to be aligned for victory and without being properly aligned, God's order won't be demonstrated. It was important for me and it is still important for me to receive a new anointing and commissioning so I can be a part of God's plan for the future. I believe that this is an overcoming army and I want to find my place in it and submit to the apostolic foundation that's going to lead it.

Why Did You Decide to Align With Kingdom Harvest Alliance?

Sandy Brocious : Well, this is definitely a new era I've been watching and seizing every opportunity to to promote God's Kingdom mandate through intercession and teaching. Every time the door opens, I'm starting to see some fruit, but I desire to see so much more and have fruit that will remain. Thank God, He always causes us to triumph. So when He says move, I want to be radically obedient and totally surrendered to whatever it is that He would have me do during this new era.

What Excites You About The Future?

Sandy Brocious : Well what excites me about the future is knowing the best is yet to come. And it's unfolding right before my eyes through His mercy and His grace has carried me through a lot of different moves of His spirit in the 50s. When I was a little girl, the healing movement was happening with Oral Roberts and when I was a young teenager I went to Pittsburgh to see David Wilkerson and Kathryn Kuhlman and then up to the seventies, it was the Jesus Movement and all the time. God has had His hand on me for His purposes and I had a praying grandmother and my parents weren't even Christians. I feel I've always been a pioneer to what He was doing in the earth realm and I want to partner with Him to see if the fulfillment of every promise for me, my family, for the body of Christ and the whole earth being filled with His glory and the best is definitely yet to come.

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