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July 13, 2022

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Speaker: Oreluwa & Linda Mahoney

Briefly Describe What God is Leading You To Do In Relation to Harvest?

Oreluwa & Linda Mahoney: Hello, hello we're Cory and Linda Mahoney. Here in Kingston Springs, Tennessee Tennessee but soon to be in Texas because the Lord is calling us to relocate. Hallelujah! Anyway, we are so glad to be a part of the Kingdom Harvest Alliance and when Apostle Chuck started to share this, we knew right away that the Lord would have us to align with Glory of Zion and with the Kingdom Harvest and so we're really excited to have this opportunity and in relation to describing what God is leading you to do in relation to harvest. The Lord took me back to about 30 years ago when the minister asked me a question and he said in one sentence, what is the greatest thing you want the Lord to do with your life? And I knew immediately what I wanted the Lord to do and I very quickly and concisely told him I want the Lord to use me to set the captives free. And that night something really happened in my spirit and that statement set the course for my life. And in 1990 the Divine Plan began to unfold. So over the 30 plus years I've had opportunity to opportunity to participate in various fields of ministry that have opened up to me and that involves the church, the streets, foreign missions, feeding the hungry, leading home bible studies and hosting worship conferences as well as mentoring women and ministering in the homeless shelters and prison ministry and all of these different fields have had their own beauty and their own struggles and yet I've learned so much by having the opportunity to be used of the Lord in these areas. But now the Lord is calling my husband and I to join him in a faith walk into new fields of ministry yet to be discovered. And this is part of the reason why we're going to be relocating to Texas. So consequently, as we're preparing to make that move, we're also going to be planning to be an active part in Glory of Zion. And we believe the Lord is calling us to shift to this new field, to better fulfill the plans and purposes that God has for our lives. And so we're trusting Him, we're stepping out in faith and believing Him not presumptuously He's made it very clear that we are to make the shift and we're very excited about it. And basically what we're doing is we are ending one era and we are transitioning into a new, the same way that, that the Lord called Elijah to go to 005th where he was going to have that new level provision. We feel as though the Lord is sending us down to Texas for our new level of provisions. Yes. Amen.

Why Did You Decide to Align With Kingdom Harvest Alliance?

Oreluwa & Linda Mahoney: In relation to the second question years ago back in about 2007, the Lord started speaking to me that He was raising up an army and then in 2015 the Lord dropped four words into my spirit and and I'm also a worship dancer and I flag and do all that kind of stuff. And so I had four large flags made and they said awake arise align advance and I could see these being carried out by the warriors of the Lord. And then there was a 5th flag that says awakened, arisen, aligned and advancing. And I have really seen that the Lord has been doing this especially over the last couple of years with all of the stuff that's going on in the earth and He's calling His people to indeed awake to His call and arise up the way that He wants them to align and advance the Kingdom. And so this was one of the, one of the things that caught my attention with the Kingdom Harvest Alliance and how that it's of the same heart. And I've come to understand that these soldiers of the Lord are actually warring harvesters. There, they're on assignment for the King of Glory, plundering the enemy and gathering souls into our Lord's Kingdom. And I know that I we are a part of His holy army and we rejoice in entering into His harvest fields and so that was that's my main motivation because I've seen this army of the Lord that has the Lord is just really calling His people to make His kingdom known with signs, wonders and miracles and deliverance is and healings and setting the captives free and all manner of spiritual gifts. And so I want to be a part of that. Yes. And one of the things that that Chuck mentioned is that you have to connect with somebody that is more legit than you. You know, that's something that's very important to us because we feel that the Lord has this huge calling upon our lives and we really need to be connected. We need to be aligned with the right kingdom gifts so that we can run on our race. We can be plugged in exactly what the Lord wants us to be and we can learn and grow and we can just go to war and take care of Kingdom business. Amen. Amen.

What Excites You About The Future?

Oreluwa & Linda Mahoney: What excites us about the future. For me I think is that the Lord is getting ready to take us on a journey where we're gonna be walking a walk of faith. We're gonna be going into new places, meeting new people, developing new friendships, getting new assignments from the Lord in an arena where we're gonna have to discover things as He brings them to us. And so this is not the first time I've, I've walked to walk like this, but I'm really excited because I just believe that the Lord has planned some amazing things for my husband and I as well as the entire body of Christ and He's leading us in these new directions and experiences and He's continuing to teach and train us to lead us and fully equip us so that we will be able to completely fulfill the plans purposes and will of God for our lives and in this I take joy in our new harvest assignments and I look forward to it with great anticipation. And one of the things that I'm really excited about as to relocate down to Texas is, I'm a gardener. So I'm looking forward to trying out some of that Texas soil and really just beginning to, to, to lay a new foundation in our lives and our ministry. I'm also looking forward to. I have a heart for the marketplace and for business. So I want to grow a new business also get involved with Cryptocurrency and my wife and I have a heart for, to become the Lord's checkbook, you know, to be able to, you know, just have businesses and be able to just pour into the Kingdom, the Kingdom resources so that the Lord's work can get done and can get done in an excellent way. So we're just excited about the future, excited about new relationships, new ministry, new mantle's new gifting's new abilities. We love you. Yes, we do. And we will see you in Texas. God bless!

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