Michael Pham for We Want to Know You

March 16, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: Michael Pham

Briefly Describe What God is Leading You To Do In Relation to Harvest?

Michael Pham: Hello, Kingdom Harvest Alliance. My name is Michael pham and I'm in North Carolina and my harvest field is specifically at the university of North Carolina at Chapel Hill where I have a ministry where we create space on a monthly basis for students to worship and really learn how to be in the presence of God and begin to learn how to flow in the gifts that God has blessed them with so that we might be able to build one another up. And in addition to that on a weekly basis, we do equipping and training to help students really have a firm foundation in their walk with Christ, and also learn how to minister to their peers who don't know the Lord or who are newer to the Lord. And so it's just an exciting time. We're really seeing God move where we've seen salvations, supernatural physical healings, and deliverances and we're just so blessed to see how God is bringing in harvest at this time at the university. And I'm excited to be aligned with Kingdom Harvest Alliance because I really believe it's the wine skin that's going to empower myself and so many others, in this time across the earth for the harvest that we are in the midst of. And so just really grateful for this alignment, really blessed by GZI. And just all of the empowerment and prayers and really just the prophetic revelation that keeps us moving in time. And so thank you so much for creating this opportunity for us to get to know one another. God bless

Why Did You Decide to Align With Kingdom Harvest Alliance?

Michael Pham: The reason I decided to align with Kingdom harvest alliance is because I've been aligned with Glory of Zion since 2012 and have continued to just be so blessed in this alignment. And when Kingdom Harvest Alliance was being announced, really just felt the spirit calling me to align in a new way with what is being developed and so very thankful for this alignment and excited to see how God continues to expand what He's doing through KHA.

What Excites You About The Future?

Michael Pham: I think what I'm most excited about as we head into the future is really the spirit of wisdom and creativity that is being released upon a generation to learn how to move with God in ways that we haven't moved in the past and how we will be able to move by His Spirit to pursue harvest and to see new developments that will really be a benefit to the Body of Christ and to the earth. And so I'm excited to see how God releases that and how we as a generation would be able to learn how to walk with God in the midst of His creativity and wisdom being poured out in a whole new way.

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