GetGround Video Review 1

November 07, 2022

Video Transcript

Speakers: Raghda Mohamed

Briefly, what are your property investment goals?

Raghda Mohamed: My property investment goals are basically to benefit from the short term goals which are getting money from renting the property out and also the long term goals, which are the increased property value, over the time and then later on to decide how to proceed,

How has GetGround helped you achieve those goals?

Raghda Mohamed: GetGround started with me from the very beginning. They helped me in understanding the different models when it comes to property investment in the UK. And also they managed everything once I opened the account. So I don't really need to worry about the admin part, how I do my taxes, et cetera. So they handle all these kind of management tasks And also, they provide a unified platform so that I can manage my account, look for the different transactions that have happened in my account. Mortgage options, et cetera. So they provide really a 360 degrees of what I have when it comes to my property investment.

What's your favourite thing about the GG platform?

Raghda Mohamed: I like the platform because it's very user friendly. It's easy to use. It's not busy, so you can actually see easily and directly access what you want from the homepage. So you don't need to navigate through so many pages or, there is no bulky information that makes it harder to to find your information. So it's really quick and easy. The platform shows you all the information that you need on your property. Like the location, the cost, the mortgage options. And also, they can assist you with the furniture. So in that way, it makes it easy and located in one place to really make it easy to manage your company or your property transactions as well.

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