Anoop Chanda's GetGround experience

June 01, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Anoop Chanda

Tell us a bit about your property investment journey so far.

Anoop Chanda: Hello there. So this is my first buy to let property purchase by a limited company set up GetGround has helped me immensely during this process.

How has GetGround helped you on that journey so far?

Anoop Chanda: GetGround has helped me to set up the limited company by exploring the advantages of setting up a limited company, and also helping throughout the process until it has been set up. Thank you GetGround.

What's your favourite thing about the GG platform?

Anoop Chanda: Yeah, the GetGround portal is quite intuitive and quite advanced. I want to say the favourite thing is, the integration of the, you know, the earnings of the rental income to the portal directly, which reduces the unnecessary paperwork. Thank you GetGround.

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