Florian discusses his experience with Upwork Advantage

September 05, 2021

Florian discusses his experience with Upwork Advantage

Video Transcript

Speakers: Florian, Upwork Advantage Student

What brought you to Upwork Advantage?

Florian: I was searching for someone who was a high paid freelancer and actually practiced what he preached and that was Danny and that's how I found out about his course.

What challenges did you face, and how did the course help you overcome them?

Florian: The challenges that I faced was that I didn't know how to get clients, I didn't know how to nail the jobs, and I didn't know how to retain clients in a way that would get them coming back for more. And Danny's course just blew me away with how in depth and how straight to the point his course was on all of those topics, and it was crystal clear to me how to move forward, how to get clients, how to get high paying clients at that, and how to retain them and do great work and so they just keep coming back.

Did you have any reservations about purchasing the course? What made you decide to go for it?

Florian: you know, at first I was a little bit hesitant getting the course because there's a lot of courses that the person that's teaching, it isn't actually practicing what they preach in the course, and they're just trying to sell a course just to make money. And I really felt after looking through Danny's blogs and applying some of those free blogs on my own and making my own portfolio and things like that, I started to realize that Danny was living this he he was living this life. He was applying what he was teaching to us and selling courses wasn't his main business. His main business was having freelance clients, which is exactly what he was going to teach us through this course. And that's the biggest thing that made me realize that, okay, this guy is legit, I use some of this free stuff, and it actually worked for me. So let's let's dive in and let's really nail this.

What is something about Upwork Advantage that makes it unique?

Florian: I love how actionable and to the point, Danny's course is, there's no fluff at all. And it really explains exactly how you can get high paying clients, how you can do amazing work that they'll be happy with, and then of course how to get those really great reviews. And it's been amazing just following that advice and it works really, really well. And it's not just a gimmick or tactic, it's also a strategy and almost like a lifestyle that you live, and it almost bleeds into every other area of your life, the way that Danny just lays it all out. So it's very, very

How would you describe Upwork Advantage in three words?

Florian: Simple, concise and valuable.

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