Regan Preszcator for VIP Realtor Feature

June 02, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: Regan Preszcator, Buyer's Agent, Royal LePage Performance Realty

Why did your clients decide to buy an eQ Home?

Regan Preszcator: When looking to purchase a home my clients loved the options that eQ Homes had to offer. They have great neighborhoods, variety in home and lot options and design packages that were super customizable to my client's needs. As an eQ homeowner myself, I've had a great experience working with them as a builder, which made them super easy to recommend to my clients for the purchase of their home.

What is your favourite thing about working with eQ Homes?

Regan Preszcator: My favorite part about working with eQ Homes was going through the design process. They have a lot of really great options to help my clients customize the home to fit their needs and to help their personal style for their home come to life.

Do you have any advice for homebuyers currently in the market for a new home?

Regan Preszcator: My advice for anyone in the market looking to purchase a new home would be to first do a pre-approval to see how much you qualify for, and then start to go through a list of negotiables and non-negotiables that you're looking for in your next home. Do you want to be in a particular neighborhood? Do you want a certain number of bedrooms, a finished basement, things like that, and start to get really clear on what you're looking for.

Briefly tell us about your overall experience with eQ Homes

Regan Preszcator: I have had a very positive experience working with eQ Homes both as a real estate agent and as a first time homebuyer who opted to buy her first home with eQ. Um, their team is super knowledgeable, super responsive and overall, just really great to work with.

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