Emily Spurling for Business Mentoring with Brigit

August 05, 2021

Video Transcript

Speaker: Emily Spurling, Karma Being

What attracted you to business mentoring with Brigit?

Emily Spurling: I was attracted to mentoring with Brigit because I had the pleasure of meeting her in another circumstance. And we got to chatting about business. And she gave me enough gems in about, sorry, more gems in about one sentence than anyone has ever given me about my business. So I actually pursued her and said, how can I work with you? And then the rest is history.

What did you value most about working with Brigit?

Emily Spurling: Being a solopreneur, I really valued having some expert advice from Brigit most. It was so helpful to be able to bounce my ideas off someone with so much expertise, and I found that she had a great overall perspective that I just couldn't see on my own was really valuable thanks Brigit.

What results did you achieve in your business? Let's celebrate your success!

Emily Spurling: The results I got from working with Brigit. My projections are that my turnover is going to triple in the next 12 months, and I was able to get really laser focused on exactly how I was going to do that with real strategies. So thank you so much. I'm forever grateful.

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