Anita Marler Lean Body System Testimonial.

July 21, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: Anita Marler, Real Estate Agent

What struggles were you dealing with before starting the LBS?

Anita Marler: Hi, I'm Anita, and I just wanted to say is before I tried this system, I tried many other weight loss systems and I never had much success at all being I'd be on them for two or three months and would lose a pound, 2 pounds something like that and really didn't have great results. And since I've been using this system, I've already lost 8 pounds In about 2.5 weeks. And before this, I was intermittent fasting for about five weeks and I only lost 1 pound.

How long have you been dealing with these struggles?

Anita Marler: Um how long have I struggled with this? I've struggled with this a long time, especially the last two years with COVID and I'm 50 years old. And so I've been struggling with peri menopause as well as menopause weight and nothing I have done would take it off.

How has the LBS helped with your previous struggles? Where are you now?

Anita Marler: This has helped me with previous struggles um because it's EASY! One of the things I love is you don't have special food to take um I can take this on the road and it works with my lifestyle. So I've been intermittent fasting as well as doing this. Um But I love that there's no restrictions as to what I need to eat when I need to eat it, that sort of thing. So it works well with my busy lifestyle as well as the supplements are easy and transportable so I can take stuff with me. I met a friend for lunch today, and so I was able to take stuff and be able to just carry on. So that's been super helpful, which no other program has allowed me to do that.

What's your favourite flavour of Trim?

Anita Marler: So I used the vanilla trim. I did try the raspberry lemon I think it is another day and it tasted good but I only used it the once and I have ordered lemon. But I used vanilla regularly and it doesn't taste chalky. It tastes really good so it's easy to go down when I needed to.

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