Tamara Rolan for CurlMix Masterclass Testimonial

March 24, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: Tamara Rolan

What was your relationship like with your curls before the Masterclass? What is it like now (after the Masterclass)?

Tamara Rolan: So before the Masterclass, I didn't really like my curls. Not a lot of people in my family have natural hair, so I thought they weren't the prettiest curls. But now after Masterclass, I realized that I um, I actually do like my curls. I was introduced to a lot of women in the group who are in similar situations and have similar hair textures and have helped me a lot throughout the course.

What was your favorite part of CurlMix's Masterclass?

Tamara Rolan: My favorite part of the Masterclass was having the ability to interact with other women in the course and also getting Kim's techniques.

Which haircare tip(s) did you find most helpful during the Masterclass?

Tamara Rolan: The hair care tip that I found most helpful was probably reversing steps three and 4 during the Wash and Go. I think that has really helped my hair stay moisturized in a really dry climate.

Would you recommend the Masterclass for someone trying to master their curls? If so, why?

Tamara Rolan: I would definitely recommend um the Masterclass to others, especially if you're struggling with your hair. If it's new, you know, if you're not used to taking care of your natural curls, then I definitely would say go through the class, you get a lot of tips, a lot of opportunities to ask questions. You get live demos from your coaches, which is really helpful and you can follow along and then you also get the support of other people who are in the exact same situation as you.

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