Adria Lewis for CurlMix Masterclass Testimonial

March 24, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: Adria Lewis

What was your relationship like with your curls before the Masterclass? What is it like now (after the Masterclass)?

Adria Lewis : Before I took this masterclass, I had just chopped my hair off back in December and I wasn't quite sure if I would be able to adjust because I've never worn my natural hair, it's been relaxed since childhood and I had no idea what my curl pattern was, how it was gonna look. And then I asked myself, what did you just do? And so I ordered CurlMix. I got in the Masterclass. And from the moment I used that Watermelon line, I was in love. I didn't know my hair could look the way that it does now and I just want to say.. Baby, okay, CurlMix is the BOMB.

What was your favorite part of CurlMix's Masterclass?

Adria Lewis : I can't really say that there was just one particular thing that was my favorite about the class because there was a lot of interacting. Miriam was an awesome instructor and we shared a lot of different tips based on different products that were actually being used in the CurlMix line. And so I guess I would have to say really learning the technique, really learning how to properly apply the products because it does make a world of difference if you're not truly working it in, you're not gonna get the best results. So I would like to say learning how to actually use the product itself, um and work it into the hair to get the desired results was probably the best part of the class.

Which haircare tip(s) did you find most helpful during the Masterclass?

Adria Lewis : When it comes to tips my, the tip that I learned that helped me the most to achieve, was working my technique, was making sure that my hair is moisturized, making sure that I'm applying enough water that it's drenched when applying the products. Making sure that when I'm protecting it at night I can give it moisture while I'm sleeping by simply placing a plastic cap under my bonnet on my hair. And that will help me to retain the moisture. Also in the morning when I'm taking my shower, you know, the steam helps keep the hair moisturized and it helps you to maintain your curl style or your looks or your curls period um longer, I would say.

Would you recommend the Masterclass for someone trying to master their curls? If so, why?

Adria Lewis : I would definitely recommend anyone who's making a transition with their hair going from relaxed, depressed, to their natural curly hair to take this class. This Masterclass is very, very informative. It's a plethora of information. Stuff that I never knew about natural hair, I mean I was a child at the age of 12 who started wearing relaxed hair. So I new nothing about caring for natural hair and had I known this. Mhm. Years ago I would have taken the Big Chop. This class is very, very informative. I've actually referred a few friends to just take the class, it's something that they're gonna find very interesting, They're already natural and but they don't know the ins and outs of natural hair care, so yes, definitely. I would recommend someone take the class even if you're not using a CurlMix product. The CurlMix product goes well with the class, but uh yes, I would suggest it. And then I also would recommend trying CurlMix if they've never tried it. Try it and I know if they're like me, they're gonna fall in love with it the first time that they do. So that's my take on the Masterclass. It's been a great experience, I have enjoyed um interacting with everyone. The ladies in the class were amazing, it's very supportive, it's very uplifting. There's no demeaning of anyone, we're all on it, taking the same journey. We're just trying to master our curls and rock them and be naturally us. And the love and support. It's been amazing, I'm going through withdrawal. But yes, I would definitely recommend taking the Masterclass.

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