John Vincent for CSIRO Professional Learning Testimonials

March 30, 2023

Join educator John Vincent as he describes his experience of our digital technologies professional learning sessions.

Video Transcript

Speaker: John Vincent, Teacher Aide: Educational Interpreter

Who are you and what do you do?

John Vincent: Hi, my name is john um and I am a teacher aid educational interpreter and I work with deaf or hard of hearing students. I work in different year levels and work in different subject areas.

How did you find our digital technologies sessions for educators?

John Vincent: Though I follow c s i r education on facebook and I saw an advert about their professional learning sessions on artificial intelligence, and I was curious.

What problem were you looking to solve in your classroom?

John Vincent: So yeah, I'm required to interpret in class and I work one of one with deaf and hard of hearing students. Um and we were covering topics about artificial intelligence, um and having discussions about things like IOT and I didn't feel like I had a strong understanding of these different concepts. Um, and I wanted to understand the basics a little bit more and feel more confident, um, when I'm talking to those students.

How have our sessions helped you?

John Vincent: The sessions were great, the instructors, they were able to break down some really high level concepts really, really well. Um and the sessions gave me the fundamentals I needed in order to be able to explain these high level concepts to the students.

Would you recommend CSIRO Professional Learning Sessions for educators?

John Vincent: Look I recommend these sessions for anyone looking to improve their knowledge, their understanding about different key topics in digital technologies.

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