Melissa of Starting Now shares her experience as a credit coach

April 24, 2022

Credit counseling coach shares her story working with people who want to improve their credit scores and correct errors on their credit reporting file to help them access credit and get loan approval.

Video Transcript

Speaker: Melissa Hudson, Lead Credit Coach, Starting Now

As a credit coach, how does it feel to see positive momentum for one of your clients?

Melissa Hudson: Honestly, it gives me satisfaction to see that my clients are on a consistent increase, right? I am here to do the best for my clients. I put myself in their shoes. I try to relate with my clients. I want the best for them, some of them I get to know on a very personal level. And you know, I'd love to see them exceed. And, you know, when we're constantly on the up with those scores, it just gives me pride. And of course, happy clients. That's what I strive for the most, honestly.

What has been your favorite success story to date?

Melissa Hudson: Well, I have a few. I've been doing this for quite some time, but I'm gonna have to say my favorite success story is a beautiful family I met from California, a family of six. So four children all under the age of I think nine, it was - eight or nine. I personally have an 11 year old and a nine year old myself. So I can't imagine having four, and they were in a one bedroom apartment in California trying to increase scores. Mom and dad, husband and wife, just beautiful people inside and out. You can just tell. And she told me right away that they had four and she was, you know in what I think - I believe they only had one car at the time. So they were trying to purchase the house and then get a car and they would literally put their kids in - lock them out of their room and go into their room every month when I called, and they answered all my phone calls, they spoke to me, the both of them, they were the sweetest couple. We increased scores in, I want to say six months, got them exactly what they were needing. They purchased that home. Beautiful. They went from a small one bedroom to a beautiful three or four bedroom house. I have the pictures. Hands down, favorite story of it. I mean when you put kids in the mix, of course that's going to be my favorite story. But I'm so happy that they sent me pictures, and I was just so happy that I was able to help them get things, you know, removed, and see them enter their dream house, and that's the only thing that I can ask for. I love it.

What advice would you give to someone just starting out with working with a credit coach?

Melissa Hudson: I had this client he was with me for a very long time, four years or something like that. Now he was, you know, in a couple of different programs. He was not in my intense program for four years, of course he didn't need it for that whole time, but we ended up getting everything, including judgments and liens, that's when liens were still on the report. We got judgments off of his report and all kinds of things. He has a completely - all three reports completely clean - before but anyways nonetheless, this gentleman came to me and looked at this coaching experience as a course, and he would come to class every single month and have his notebook and ask the same questions and I would give him, you know, where are we from last month to where we are this month to what we expect for next month, what am I as, you know, the client, doing - what what are you - me as a credit coach - doing for me, and he just, he really took this as, this is a learning experience, because I failed, right? That's what he has told me many times. I haven't done this right? So I need help and that's why I'm coming to you. So you're my coach, you're my teacher - teach me - and he just had a willing attitude and the mind frame of okay, what I was doing before was not working, I have hundreds of thousands of dollars that I need some help with, and we found solutions and got it all taken care of. But he came in with a willing attitude. So that's something that I would say come into it. Leave your pride at the door, come into it with a willing attitude. Listen, all of us - I say this all the time - all of us have a past. We all pretty much have been there, done that in some way. I am my own client, and so leave it at the door, come in with a willing heart, willing mind, and let's work together. You know, that's what it's about. Let's find solutions, let's work on it together. I'm gonna help you, and we can make great things happen.

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