Steve for Employee Bio Videos

December 23, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: Steve

Please introduce yourself in a couple of sentences.

Steve: Hey, this is Steve the guy that's making you do all these tests. Now. I'm just testing out this vocal video app to see if it would work for us at Copper Mountain College, uh, to record testimonials and video from students, employees, supporters, the community, that sort of thing. That's all.

What's your favorite part of working at Copper Mountain College?

Steve: My favorite part of working at Copper Mountain College are the great people that I get to pester and annoy with things that I want to do to market the college What could be better?

Could you share a few lesser known facts about yourself?

Steve: I'm not sure what lesser known facts I have to share. I mean, everybody here at the college seems to know that I am a pirate of sorts, musician, shanty man, video producer, journalist slave to my cat, parent. Let's see what, what, what lesser, non fact. Uh, see I cook a mean okonomy AKI. That's a bit lesser known fact, right? Um, Here's one, here's 1 don't, don't, don't tell anybody too much. When I was a journalist, a reporter for the Portland State University Vanguard newspaper, the last story that I did before I graduated, got the balls rolling to get the college president fired. Don't tell anybody. Okay, So there, that's a, that's a little known fact. I was trying to keep it that way. Yes. You know about it now. Oh, well.

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